In 1921Giuseppe Mauceri set up a small perfume company. 

The first successful products included a cologne called Aretusa and MAGIT toiletries, represented by mitts and straps for massage, bath and personal hygiene. 

Mauceri quicky extended his activities to the production of leather goods, with outstanding quality. 

The Company grew and opened two of the most prestigious shops in Turin, which are renowned across Italy. The Company's products were exhibited, each year, at the Fashion Show and other international fairs

The Company, under Mauceri's son Maugerio, now produces the MAGIT range, from which it takes its name, now owned and managed by his niece.

MA.G.I.T. provides a concrete response to those who believe in the body and skin care as an essential way to stay young and fit

Shapes, colors , new materials , the maximum attention to functionality : these are the trump cards of MA.G.I.T. products to a high quality offer .

The wide range of products , made ​​with the most modern production techniques , allows the company to meet every need : why the MA.G.I.T. products are sold all over the world , from Europe to the United States and Canada , from South Africa to Australia .